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The Joyful Heart Foundation & Mariska Hargitay

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"Sometimes just talking isn't enough. "Total healing" implies a comprehensive experience. For survivors of sexual assault - an assault on the mind, body and soul-traditional "talk therapy" is often only the beginning. Therapists have begun studying and employing physical activity as a path to healing the mind. The Joyful Heart Foundation is committed to the total healing and recovery of survivors of rape and sexual assault by introducing the ground-breaking world of dolphin-human therapy in the wild. By working hand-in-hand with rape crisis centers and counselors as well as dolphin experts, we synthesize all components of the healing process (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental) into one therapeutic experience. The positive effects of human-dolphin interaction in the wild are unparalleled. The Joyful Heart Foundation is dedicated to introducing this type of therapy to survivors of sexual assault and rape. We provide this safe, unique and liberating therapy in conjunction with more traditional forms of therapy, free of charge. The Joyful Heart Foundation is a powerful step in a survivor's journey to reclaiming a joyful heart."